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Model : VT500H
Description : Boiler - 500KW, gas fired - tubeless unattended steam boiler - new in 2014
Detail Info.: Installed in 2014 this gas boiler has just been released for sale.
All contents of the boilerhouse to make unit serviceable are available
- Water Treatment
- Hotwell tank
- Feed Pumds etc
- Electrical control pane
- 500KW output
- 800kg/hr steam from and at 100C
- Des Press: 1050kPa
- Work Press: 1000kPa

The Presha VT series Vertical tubeless boiler is a robust design, no internal tubes water tubes. Burner is located at a convenient height for operation and maintenance. Consolidated Fire & Steam manufacture their own boiler control panels which are factory tested.

Four Pass Flue Gas Design

Firing into the top of the furnace forcing the heat to exit at the bottom, creates a scrubbing action against the natural gas flow.
The gas entering the furnace is cooled in the furnace, completely surrounded by water.
No refractory, wet back style furnace.
The gases then travel around the outside of the water Jacket, which has extended fins to recover the energy. This involves the gases traveling up through the fins. Turning 180 degree Down again to the bottom, turning 180 degree then returning to the top where the gas exits the boiler thru the stack.

For further info or to arrange an inspection

Call Alan Travell on 0418 617 753 or email
Contact : Alan Travell
 Location : AIR -    
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