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Model : SPI99
Description : Olive Oil Processing Plant
Detail Info.: This is a two phase Pieralisi oil processing plant described as in excellent condition and complete from fruit receival to oil vibrating screen. Comes with a range of spares.
Rated at 9 tph.
Processing line includes;
1 PIERALISI SPI 99 DECANTER 2.5 to 6 Ton per hour
2 Pieralisi 9T (3 by 3 tub) Melaxas with single stator PASTE PUMPS
2 Pieralisi Talento separators
1 SAFI MI 150 Piston pump
2 Pieralisi Crushers (MOLINO single screen)
2 Oil settling tubs with MONO CP 800 oil transfer pumps
1 Pieralisi vibrating tub with glass viewing screen
2 Pieralisi Deleaf and branch removal (Model- DERAMIFCATORE)
2 Pieralisi wash machines (Model- LAVATRICE)
2 Hot water heat exchange units with temp control boxes and pumps
2 20T in ground receival hoppers with 3 sided hungry boards, heavy duty metal grate (able to hold a semi trailer load) and vibrating discharge
2 Sets of 2 clean fruit hoppers on stands (7.5T each hopper) with a twin distribution auger on top with vibrating discharge trays
1 Galvanised metal catwalk with stairs (part of clean fruit hoppers)
2 Large conveyors with belts and rollers from in ground hoppers to wash/deleaf system
2 Large conveyors with belts and rollers from wash/deleaf system to clean fruit hoppers (1 with industrial magnet for metal removal) Both with underside stainless steel leaf trays
1 Small belt with large leaf extraction fan to bypass wash machine
2 Single stator paste pumps capacity approx. 8T/Hr.
2 EM 44 small oil transfer pumps (from decanter to separator)
1 Set of 3 conical settling tanks for water supply to wash machine
2 Sets of Blue conduit and cable trays with post's for all piping and electrical wiring
1 Set of Pieralisi tools for separator and decanter dismantling
All equipment has correct electrical motors and reduction gearboxes where applicable

Contact : John Leigh
 Location : AIR -    
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